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    True Colours Coaching

     Find your path to purpose

    Purpose is vitally important to everyone but for many it gets lost in the frenetic act of just living.  We start of with great intentions but often fail to realise until too late that we have lost our way somewhere and are no longer even on the rather path let alone going in the right direction.

    If you have purpose, you are working in alignment with your values, have a vision for your future and will feel alive and passionate about life.  

    My personal purpose is to help you find this for yourself – with over 23 years’ experience of Careers Coaching I find that people come to me for two main reasons:  the first being Job Search Techniques, and the second Career Change and although they seem very different your purpose and vision is still central to your success and happiness.  What is job satisfaction if it isn’t doing the right thing for you?

    I love to see the transformation when you suddenly start to believe in yourself and find the confidence to allow your skills and strengths to shine

    1:1 Coaching

    Sessions are typically 60 – 90 minutes and can be purchased as a one-off or in a block

    I’ll help you out of your head and into your future


    A series of courses covering many different topics including self-development, job search techniques and career direction.

    Pre-recorded and live


    Single session workshops from 1 to 3 hours taking you through all the techniques you need to cover to understand yourself and become successful in an ever changing job market