About Me

About me

Hi, I'm Gina d'Albiac

It is important that you get a sense of who I am and whether you feel you might want to reach out for help so I would like to give you a brief flavour of what drives me, my style and my breadth of experience.

Well, as stated above, I have been a qualified coach for over 20 years and from qualification went straight into working as an associate for a career transition consultancy  with a very well know organisation called Penna. I worked with them as well as with private clients for over 17 years before they were taken over and since have consulted with several other organisation.  

I feel completely privileged to have had a wonderful opportunity to have found work that enables me to work at a very personal and intimate level even if it is whilst consulting with large multinational companies.  Somehow, even when running training courses, it is always about the individual because they are so important to me.

I feel that whilst every human being is completely individual, we also share a lot in common which means that I may not know exactly what you are going through or the way you are experiencing life at the moment, but with the amount of experience I have and the literally thousands of clients I have worked with I can adapt and find a way to help.

Much of any job search journey is practical and driven by well known technique that can easily be adapted to your particular style, but it is helping you figure out exactly what it is that you want to do next that I love, after all I have done it myself – over 4 years I completely changed tracks, got more qualifications and the most amazing work that has sustained me since 1999. 

Working as a partner with you we never know where the exploration is going to take us or which tools (practical or out of the box creative) will turn the key for you – the most important thing for me is that it is right for you – the outcome you truly want – not what you think you should want or do, or what I might guess you want.

There are so many terms that are overused or slightly risky to use, but you should know me before we start: I believe everyone has the capability to find a way of truly living their lives to the full; I am on the whole a ‘cup half full’ person and will help anyone I work with benefit from developing a little of that themselves; I also use a lot of intuition, creativity, and esoteric tools alongside the tried and tested coaching and training processes.

So if you think you would like to find out more about what help is available – whether for you, a number of you or in a corporate setting – please do get in touch.


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Julie Arnaud

Certifications, Degrees, and Experience

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Professional Certified Coach, PCC

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ACCG Accredited ADHD Coach

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Member of ABC, DEF

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Career Specialty Services Provider, CSS

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