Reasons you may want to change your career

There have been lots of polls done recently which show that a much larger percentage of people are considering a career change 2022 that in previous years – although it is not entirely clear what the exact definition of career change is in every situation. Sometimes it might simply be what I would call a pivot, whereby you would keep much the same but change something else i.e. do same job but move industries or stay in the industry but make a change to your work.

The fact is that there are many outside or internal influences that could initiate the decision to change roles with the top of the list being:

  • Wanting more flexibility – this is a recent phenomenon probably brought to mind because of the way we have had to adapt to the pandemic.
  • Realising the industry you are in has nothing more to offer you
  • Wanting more money
  • Looking for career advancement
  • Becoming disillusioned with the culture
  • wanting to do something more in line with your values
  • Recognising that the job you do has a very short lifespan (i.e.


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