Hello world!

Today is January 1st 2022 and I have had a wonderful morning exploring my thoughts about the year to come.

I work in many different ways, but today I was reminded about some intuitive exercises I undertook many years ago, and moving through that thought process brought me to a visualisation of myself shouting ‘here I am’ to the world.

Initially it felt incredibly liberating but that emotion was almost instantly crushed by self doubt and inner voices saying I was being presumptuous and who did I think I was to feel I deserved so much notice.

This is one of the blocks that frequently come to stand in my way – the initial push to stay small and safe, not to put my head above the parapet in case of criticism and the good old chestnut about doubting my self worth. I would not call these voices friends but they are a known quantity and I work with them constantly which acts as a reminder to question what I am doing, feel into the energy of it, ascertain whether it seems right intuitively and then take whatever action is necessary.

They act as my sounding board as a way to be able to articulate what I mean to do and why, as devil’s advocate if you like – which means that at the end of the process I have moved from an exciting but nebulous idea to something that can stand up to scrutiny and is far more likely result in successful action than to be beset by procrastination and excuses.

If you have set any intentions or goals for the coming year please do remember to visualise yourself there, feel as if you are really doing what it takes and pay close attention to any emotions or inner voices that might be trying to keep you right where you are.

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